Sunday, January 29, 2012

Travel Days

Travel Days can crack people. In fact, a year ago, travel days were cracking me. Bike racing is fun, but the travel starts to get to you. Then I got injured and didn't travel for 4 months. All of a sudden a trip to DIA didn't seem so bad.

So it starts again. The travel. The bike races, the training camps, the airport.  My most recent travel day looked like this-
-5:02am wake up. Make coffee, get in car, drive to airport. Thanks Robin and Addy for the ride!
-6:15am arrive airport, check in stuff, pay $50 for bike (Southwest is the best), security, etc.
-7:00am flight is delayed. Nothing like waking up early just to have your flight delayed.
-8am get on flight
-9am miss flight out of Chicago Midway. Get rebooked on another flight
-9:25am get on the internets for 1 hr of e-mails and coaching stuff
-11am fly to Denver
-12pm arrive Denver pick up bike, bag and wait for bus
-1:15pm- get on bus to Boulder
-2:25pm- Arrive Boulder jimmy-rig bike to roll with bag and cart it to the Cup for some much needed espresso and good coffee shop time.
-2:40- The Cup is full. No seats open. Go back outside and hang out for 45 min.
-3:30- cart bike, bag, and backpack back to bus terminal and get on 3:40 bus to Nederland.
-4:15pm arrive Nederland, load up stuff in van and drive home (finally).
-4:30pm arrive HOME!! 13 hours of travel. I'm not cracked yet, but more days like this could crack me sooner rather than later. Here's to more efficient travel days in the future.

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