Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 0

Tomorrow, I'm starting a 10 day cleanse. Mostly I'm doing it as a personal challenge and to try to figure out what, in my every day eating, gives me such bad gas.

Little did I know that the personal challenge part would start before the cleanse even started. You see, during the cleanse you can't have caffeine or alcohol. Alcohol, no problem. But the caffeine part? Yikes! So, I decided I should wean myself from coffee a little bit today so that when I can't have any tomorrow, it won't suck so badly.

It didn't go very well. I was off the entire day. While working at Salto, I struggled to park the car, actually it was the worse parking job I have ever done, I f'd up the French Press making, cut my finger on the cash drawer, then to top it off, crashed my CX bike on a trail I have done a gazillion times. All this followed by a headache.

Really? I usually only have 2 shots of espresso each day. Today was one shot and I was a disaster. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

I'll update each day about the cleanse and how I'm doing and feeling. Stay tuned...

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