Saturday, October 27, 2012

Days 6-7

The theme of Day 6 was bean farts. Goal #1 accomplished of the cleanse- a large amount of beans gives me gas. They were horrible.

I'm pretty over beans, but when that's the only option other than apples, pears, white rice, and select veggies, beans it is.

I had hard time eating dinner. Too much spinach, a super boring meal, and more beans to add to my all ready happening bean farts.

People keeping asking, "how's the cleanse going?" Well, it sorta sucks. I have a mild headache that doesn't seem to go away, food isn't inspiring, I'm not all that hungry until I get dizzy and almost fall down, and my poops are small and unrewarding. Plus, I don't feel all that good. Worth it? Not sure.

The good news? I pooped green this morning. Word has it, that green poop means the cleanse is working. 

Today was day 7, the last day of the super restricted food choices. I think I broke the rules by eating salmon today instead of beans, but after yesterday, I couldn't handle beans today. I needed some real protein and no farts. The salmon gave me energy to do a small gym workout, take the dogs for a walk, and do some chores around the house.

Tomorrow I get to add in all fruits and veggies! Still no oatmeal, but I'll survive.

I won't lie, I'm looking forward to the cleanse being over.

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