Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Official Time Out

Some call it a "post season break". I call it a "time out". Time out from racing bikes, riding bikes, eating healthy, and just plain being an athlete.

I'll call "time in" soon, but for now, it's still time out time. After 9 months of riding my bike, being a bike racer, and thinking about bike racing 80% of all waking time, I need to rest. My mind is cooked, my body is cooked, and the wind has returned (I don't like riding in it).

When I'm ready, I'll begin riding and training again. The unhealthy eating lasted about 10 days before I felt so bloated, fat, and unhealthy that I couldn't stand it anymore. After 2 weeks off, I've started to stretch again (dang that feels good), take longer and longer dog walks, and split wood. A lot of wood splitting. It's fun in a weird way and splitting wood is a great upper body workout. I see Pilates soon in my future, followed by the weight room. No bikes yet. It'll be soon enough when I'm packing on the clothes, filling the thermos with hot chocolate, and riding my CX bike on the snow covered roads. But not yet. And it's windy and I hate the windy.

My race season officially ended in Vail at the Tour of Vail Crit. Robin and I raced and it was the weirdest race I have ever done. Lapped the field, negative racing, small field, giant prize money, and a crash on the last lap. I had a majorly bad feeling that day about the race. I have never felt that way about a race. I knew something bad was going to happen. It did. Major bummer for Robin as she used all her prize money at the ER. Thank goodness she is ok. She'll have another scar on her elbow, but what bike racer doesn't?

Time out.

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