Thursday, July 5, 2007

Here comes the Giro

Vacation is over. We celebrated last night by having the largest home firework display I have ever seen. Complete with duds that shot not only into the sky and every which way, but also directly at the crowd of SRM staff and family, pro cyclists, banned cyclists and USA Cycling staff and family. It really was quite amusing.

After a little "opener" ride this morning to get our legs ready for the next 10 days, and a last minute stop at the coffee shop for a cappuccino it will be a long drive to the Dolomites for our 3km prologue on Friday. Let the fun begin... (I'm SO bleeping excited!!!)

It has been pointed out to me that at least 3 other people besides my Mom and sister read my blog, so thank you the now 5 readers!! :) I hope to reward you with some pictures soon. I know how much more exciting a blog is with pictures (I often don't read blogs unless they have pictures).

Happy Birthday Dad!!!


bfisk's crazy days said...

first off, good luck in the giro. i am so impressed with your rise to the top. great job.

here are the people that i know of that read your blog:

ross (our teammate that is jealous of your ride with cippo)

etc etc... keep up the bloggin

Heather said...

Me too! Good luck and say hi to Iona and Tina. Glad you guys won't be at Nationals....:) Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

SEE? You're a blog star! Look at all of your fans!
Kick some butt!