Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weird Family and Corn Fields

I was in Indiana visiting my great Aunt and second cousin-who shares a room with her Mom when she spends the night, which is almost every night. These two, though they are family members (kind of) are a little strange. Well, strange compared to me because I am totally normal.

The first day there was interesting. I needed a 4 hour ride. Auntie and Cousin discussed my ride for 4 hours ("FOUR HOURS! How many miles is that? 40??") then came up with the best route. Highway 52.

Dispite all good advice and positive recommendations, I avoided the 4 lane highway and headed into the corn and soybean fields. It was absolutely wonderful. Endless roads through farmland, and endless opportunities to get lost. It was one of the best rides I have had in a long time.

I arrived home happy and ready to continue The Visit. Auntie and Cousin couldn't believe I rode through the corn. "But, there's no cars there!"

Here are other conversation highlights from The Visit.
-"We have to cook the corn in the microwave because using the stove heats up the house too much."
-"Oh you're putting your bike together. You need a hammer or screw driver? We have a hammer."
-"We should go to Pizza Hut for their salad bar".
-"You still hungry? We could go to Mc Donalds." -No "OH! Then we could take you to Arby's. They have good sandwiches there." -Please no "Well then, you can order the chicken fried steak and get extra gravy." -Oh disgusting
-"Those bikers. They just do not stay in their bike lane. One of them was riding outside the bike lane and it took me a while but I was finally able to get him to scoot over. You know you hit one of them and they'll take your car away for a long time. Just like that. When the hammer thing goes bam in the court room you are done for. It's never those bikers fault. What a hazard."
-"No don't open the window. The outside air might come in."
-"Recycle?? We don't recycle!"

Mom and I were glad to leave.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are writing about the weird family that visited them on their blog... It would be pretty funny to read:
- All she does is EAT Vegetables
- What were those tight fitting clothes?
- Bike race? Do other girls do that too?
- Do you buy those bike clothes at Kmart or Penny's?

Amy Dombroski said...

Lotsa things are different when you're outside the bubble of Boulder...

Anonymous said...

Alison -

It would be interesting to see you post what your usual diet is.

- Toona Fan