Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lack of posting

My lack of "blogging" is not because there's nothing going on. It's not because I don't have internet, and it's not because all my fingers fell off and I don't know how to type with my toes.

My lack of "blogging" is 60% lack of inspiration and 40% laziness. Mostly, of the three people who inspire me to blog, two are traveling and not looking at the internet and the third, probably doesn't give a crap what I'm doing now anyway (and she forgets about the blog).

So, that leaves me with lack luster motivation for typing about myself. BUT, I do know other people who sometimes check out my blog and, to you guys, I'm sorry I have not been updating it during the week of racing.

This leads me to the 40% laziness part of my excuse.

I'm here in Silver City, NM, racing the Tour of the Gila, and I'm pretty dang tired. Each day has been hard racing and long days, filled in with eating, sleeping and making sure the couch doesn't go anywhere. Internet time has been slim as I lay around trying to feel better from the day of racing (plus my host Dad gave me a great book to read about Mexican runners that I'm totally digging).

Readers Digest update-
Day 1- raced uphill and got 5th (4 VERY skinny girls then me). Not bad but 3.5 minutes off the winner.
Day 2- WINDY! Hauled ass down a 3 mile decent and was in a break with two teammates and two Colavita's. VERY tired at the end of that day. Vitamin "I" was my friend.
Day 3- Time Trial- Got first place, now second GC. Totally tired now. Nice dinner with a friend and his wife in their "nicer than my house" RV.
Day 4- Today. Lazy in bed, trainer, coffee, breakfast, and now, catching up on internet-ing.
Later today is the crit, then tomorrow's final stage here at Gila.

I think tonight is Gluten Free pizza night here at Most Awesome Host House I've Ever Stayed At. I'm looking forward to it.

For now.


Unknown said...

Reader No. 4, checking in.

Anita said...

#5 is here as well. Thanks for the update! Was wondering how much longer the race is. Go get 'em!

LT said...

So I just woke up from a nap and I was reading your blog...what is Vitamin I???? I'm still a bit foggy from my sleep:) heheheh

I'm w/ you guys in heart:) I rode in the snow today....booooo and the wind but nothing like you guys:)

See you soon!