Saturday, January 1, 2011

HTFU or soft?

There were seasons/years when I prided myself in my ability to HTFU.  No matter the weather, no matter the workout needed, I went riding (or Nordic skiing).  One winter, I didn't ride the trainer once.  It was a fun game to see how long I could go without riding the trainer.

But there were times during my HTFU-ing when I wondered if I was really being tough, or just plain stupid.  At what point does hardening the fuck up become stupid?  When the wind blows you off the road?  When you fall down on the icy roads? When both your water and your fingers are frozen solid?  Or when it just plain isn't fun?

I enjoy riding in the cold. I enjoy skiing in the cold.  I also enjoy doing both in the snow.  But what I don't enjoy is when it isn't fun.  Doing exercise when it isn't fun, sucks.  So, I've learned my lessons.
Lesson #1- Skate skiing when it is below 5 degrees- sucks
Lesson #2- Riding in the VERY windy- sucks
Lesson #3- Riding when it's 20 degrees- is close to sucking
Lesson #4-Riding when it's less than 15 degrees- sucks

That's it.  Four lessons learned.  Today, all four lessons are in full effect and I may have to ride the trainer. Windy and 4 degrees outside. Does that make me smarter or have I just become soft?


LT said...

Smarter for sure.....there will be plenty of time to get those legs going and you know it....the season is long and it isn't won in March, April or May...

As for me...time to go skiing!

SpeedyChix said...

As they say, with age comes wisdom. While it's great to be the all-weather warrior, there are times to know when to stay in. Good call.

Anonymous said...


Kidding. Yeah wind sucks. In tx I can't speak for the 10 degrees, but I can say that riding into a headwind that gusts up to 25-30 mph is NO fun.

It's like climbing without the gratifying view or the reward of a descent.

So really, you are just going really fucking slow. And hoping that the crosswind won't blow you under a truck when you turn left up ahead.......