Thursday, October 25, 2012

Turning the Corner

This morning started much like yesterday morning. Sorta sucky and very hungry! I was hungry in the middle of the night- annoying. I had a headche, felt like ass, and the smallest poo of the entire cleanse. Why am I doing this? 

I was cracking- or had cracked. When you eat beans and collard greens for breakfast, that's just not normal. I wanted oatmeal so badly. Any kind of carbohydrate would do.

I emailed Dr Andy for help. Told him I was thinking about quitting- ready to quit. Did he have any suggestions?

He said, stick with it. It's worth it. If you get hungry, EAT! He gave me some new ideas and recipes and said since I wasn't taking the shakes or pills I could try plain white rice. Rice?! Magic to my ears.

Eat, I did. An entire can of beans doused with oil olive and a ton of lettuce. That made me feel a lot better! Still very low energy, but no more headache and able to function.

Then, several hours later, I ate white rice with baked apples. It was magic in my mouth. I never knew white rice could taste so good. Instantly, I felt better. I was able to take the dogs for a walk, and do a short Pilates session.

With the addition of rice, I now believe I can finish the cleanse. 2 more hard days left.


Nedergal said...

Hang in there, Powers!

Nedergal said...

Hang in there, Powers!