Sunday, March 18, 2007

Am ersten Platz!

Yeah! My first win of the season! I won the TT yesterday it feels good. It was a good effort and great for the team and teammates. Plus, I got an extra long massage last night. That is always a bonus!

I was hoping to have a picture or two to post but, 1.) Mini is still sleeping, and I was going to use the pictures from her camera as I didn't bring my camera's cord, and 2.) one cannot steal photos from So, hopefully, I will be able to put some pictures up later today or tomorrow (that just keeps you coming back. Actually, I don't know if anyone looks at this blog, so maybe it doesn't really matter. BUT, I look at my blog and I like to look at pictures of myself...)

Today is the Crit. I can't say I am really looking forward to it. They are usually just a fast, dangerous suffer fest. However, with that being said, that just means I have more opportunity to view Toph while I am in the pain cave. :) (too bad I can't post a picture of that. THEN maybe people would look at my blog.)

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Anonymous said...

Alison, it was fun to get the good news on your win while out snowshoeing with your folks. Congrats. Just wish I had seen you on my trip west. Keep it up,girl. I'm getting the updates from mom so am following you.
Next time BE THERE when I visit :>)
susan h