Saturday, March 31, 2007

Two kinds of Friends

There are two kinds of friends in the world. There are friends, and then, there are cycling friends. Friends are people you get together with for dinner, coffee or just to hang out with. Cycling friends, on the other hand, are people you can call and without hesitation will come and save you when you get stuck in a bad situation while out riding.
Such was the case on Friday when I was out riding in the mud, thinking I was burly, getting ready for the cobbles in Belgium when I heard a very horrible sound. Shortly after, I could no longer pedal and my bike came to a screeching halt. It doesn't take a genius to see that I had done some major damage to the rear derailleur (see photo). My ride was instantly over and I needed a way home.
I called my best cycling friend, Megan, and told her what had happened. Without hesitation, and without even knowing where I was, she asked if I needed her to come get me. She was on her way before we had even ended the conversation, and showed up with a smile. Now that is a true cycling friend, and a really good person.
Thank you Megan for saving me!

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Anonymous said...

Well put, Alison. Even at the 'old lady' riding level we get the "opportunity" to jump in the car and rescue each other.
I've really enjoyed reading your blog and am cheering for you.
susan hooker