Friday, March 16, 2007

This is "Pro"

You know your Pro when during a training ride, you can call your "swanie" to bring you a new rear wheel so you can finish your ride. This happened to me yesterday. I was riding and got a rear flat. No problem, that's why you carry extra tubes and a pump/CO2. I fixed it with the help of a very friendly Grandpa out riding after a full knee replacement (he has hopes of racing in a few months). Twenty minutes later, another rear flat. Son of a.....! I didn't have a second tube, I couldn't find the "flat making" culprit and I really wanted/needed to ride more. What to do? I called Jessi, my knight in pink tank top armour to come and save me. She arrived 25 minutes later with a smile and new rear wheel. She was an angle. It was beyond awesome. I was able to finish my ride and all was good.

Now that's "Pro".

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