Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Double Dipp'in

A team and teammates-We are all one big happy family. Share equipment, share rooms, share clothes, share food, share the hummus, share desserts, share left-overs (actually, in my case, eat all the left-overs), share the olive oil dip for the bread, share the chip dip (not that I would EVER eat any chips and guac...), share illnesses... Yep, that's right. Two of us are ill. Yes, US as in me too. Son of a...!!!!!

Now, we have to share positive attitudes about getting healthy or in my teammates' cases staying healthy. I had a case of bad attitude this morning. "whoa is me. It is the biggest race of the spring and I am sick. How could this happen? Blah, blah, blah." I almost called the Mommy so I could cry to someone and she would feel sorry for me. But, instead, I cried to our swanie and teammates and they said, "Ya, it sucks, but get over it. Be positive and fight this thing. Half of the battle is mental anyway. You can do it!" That right there is why we are a family. We are here to support each other and also give someone a kick in the ass when they need it because we are here together and have to fight together. Tomorrow is the race and we all have to be on the start line ready to give 100%, if not for yourself, then for the team.

Here's to fighting!

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