Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Infected What??

I woke up yesterday feeling like death, and to swelling and soreness on the left side of my neck. I figured it was a swollen gland from having a cold then racing with the cold and now just being totally exhausted. However, the pain and swelling got progressively worse throughout the day and by the time I arrived back in Boulder last night, I had already planned on going to a doctor in the morning. After a brief discussion with Chris, my roommate, we decided that doctor would be the ER. That way I wouldn't have to get referral after referral and could have all the tests and scans done at the hospital.

Five and a half hours later, me and my "tumor" (which was MUCH bigger and MUCH more painful) were on our way to the ER. After blood tests, a cat scan and a lot of waiting around, it was determined I have an infected saliva gland and am to take antibiotics and to see the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor tomorrow (a referral after all).

Despite my weird infection, I get to see The Mommy tomorrow and that always makes things better (almost always). :)

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