Friday, March 16, 2007

This is the Life

I had THE most amazing ride yesterday. It was just one of those days when being out on your bicycle is the best thing in the enitre world. It was as if at that one time, everything was perfect. I rode around Millerton Lake outside of Fresno, where we have been staying for almost 2 weeks. No cars, a windy-twindy road, good legs, a happy mind, wildlife to been seen, beautiful scenery, a hard mo-fo of a workout, and no snow or cold to been seen for miles. :) Plus, I learned a few new things too. I love learning new stuff, especially while riding. I also found a steep little hill to go up 3 times on the way home.

This bike riding/racing is the life. I like it. Ride the perfect ride, get a massage in the afternoon (a real one; not a "pet job". See below), it's all good. Much better than the freezing ass cold, every run could blow out your knee, I must beat my teammates kind of job (bitter much?). This is fun and friendly and a lot less stress.

Though, tomorrow is the time trail and it is calling my name. We had inspection (pre-rode the course) today with the Mayor of Exator, which calls itself the citrus capital of the......I can't remember if it is the world or nation it is the capital of. Whatever it is, it is really pretty and a great little town. Hopefully Mini T (Alex) and I can go 1 and 2 tomorrow. That would be really great.

I'll try to have some pictures up next time. I know a blog is boring without them.

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