Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Realizations

After racing two big stage races in a row and being on the road for a while, I have come to realize a few important things.

-I have an Oreo tan that is good enough to last the entire winter (tan legs, white torso, tan arms). It's hot!

-There are certain things you hope to have in a host house; big cereal bowls, an espresso maker, (drip coffee just isn't good enough anymore), and a nice kitchen.

-I am a road rider/racer. If I were a mountain biker, I wouldn't mind crashing into a tree. I DO NOT like crashing into anything, that's why I am a roadie.

-It's good to pay attention when driving massive amounts of time from one race to another because you never know what kind of road kill you could miss (we saw bear road kill in Virgina driving from Altoona to North Carolina. We also hit 5 states while driving here).

-I am addicted to my compression socks. When I'm not wearing them, my ankles feel like they are in a permanent state of swollen-ness.

-I dislike barking dogs just as much as I dislike snoring (some would say I hate those things but Mom always said I shouldn't use the word "hate").

-I like to have easy access to wireless Internet (I didn't realize how much I missed it).

-This last point may be TMI (too much information) but...I now have calluses from where my chamois doesn't quite rub right (it's not nice: looking or feeling).


Jeremy said...

Hey Alison,

I don't have your number or email so here we are.

Annette would like you to bring her shoes from the van with you to Pluay (sp?) if that is all right.

I hope all is well and your are recovering sufficiently.

take care,


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't race for Team High Maintenance?? Oreo tan, callouses and compression socks??? No question, YOU ARE HOT!!! =)

Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

You Rock Girl....the mortals are reading your blog..having a laugh,...and totally agree with the chamios rub...we need to have a fix for that one!


b fisk said...

i am happy to say i do not have the chamois problem. (it may have something to do with only racing criteriums or 50 mile one day races)

assos cream is magical.