Friday, September 21, 2007

One Race Left

After a roller coaster ride the past few weeks I finished my last road race of the season on a high note. Actually, it was more of a time trial than a road race due to a 30km solo breakaway (why am I always in a break with only myself???). All that's left of the 2007 race season is the race I have been looking forward to since May 25th; the World Championship Time Trial on Wednesday.

The roller coaster started after a crash in Ardeche. This crash lead to having to pull out of the stage race due calf pain, being off the bike for 4 days and later still having pain. I was starting to panic. World's were a week and a half away. I was hurting and unable to ride longer than an hour.

Then I received 2 excellent things; Chocolate chip cookies from Josh, and a reminder that there is such a thing as IB Profen. Open mouth, take bite of cookie and swallow little white pill. My calf was instantly better.

I stared a stage race on Tuesday (Tuscana) and have gotten better and better each day (phew!).
I ended today with a great ride and the most aggressive rider jersey.

Bring on World's!!!

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