Sunday, September 2, 2007

Interesting 24 hours

The past 24 hours has been filled with adventure. Following is the timeline:
2:00pm- Plouay World Cup race sign-in/warm-up
2:30 pm- start Plouay World Cup
5:30ish pm- finish race- in the second group as has been par for the course all season long.Post race picture of Cat Carroll and AP. Cat is quickly changed while I like to wallow in my dirty-ness and log more chamois time.
6:38pm-leave race finish and start on a "one hour at a time" drive to Brussels. ("how long is the drive?"-one hour. "How much longer do we have?" -one hour. etc...)
9:00pm- stop #2. This time for food, first time was for bathroom.
1:15am-stop #3. For bathroom, at a gas station.
1:30am- run out of gas.
Kathryn and Swany Laura pushing. AP laughing and taking pictures. Coach Frank en route to gas station on bike to fill 2 water bottles with Diesel.
2:15am- get gas in car, and again, begin our trip to hotel in Brussels.
2:30am- we have reached our final destination.
7:30am-wake up, pack bag, pack bikes and drink a lot of cafe 'o lait.
8:45am-leave in two taxis for airport.
10:15am-fly to Pisa.
11:45am-arrive in Pisa, drive to Lucca for a week of vacation...I mean training before a Time Trail in Milan on Sunday.
1:00pm-eat lunch, and breakfast. And yes, TONS of veggies.


Anonymous said...

Where's that fancy new skirt for making the quick change easier?? Though, I understand the desire to spend extra time in the clammy - chamois. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, Alison -- that's almost unbelievable! I hope you don't get those water bottles at the next race! Good luck at that TT -- go fast!

Anonymous said...

I've now learned another way to use water bottles...