Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WC Update #3

The days keep getting more and more exciting. I only had time after 9:00pm to get on the Internet today!

-Slept in
-Leisurely breakfast
-Wasted time
-Had "official" training on the TT course (closed to cars, except team cars, all the barriors were up. It was pretty dang fun. Not every day you can haul on an open road with all the best riders in the world.)
-Took a picture with The Devil

-Hung out at the team truck (in a chair), laughing at Dave Z, with other team USA people.
-Drove back to the hotel
-Noticed how "thick" the air was/is. It's starting to get a little tense around camp.
-Lunch (best sandwich in the world AND corn with the salad. This is a good day.)
-Received a call, and it was my Mom! She and Dad were in the lobby.
-Hung out with M & D.
-Drank a cappuccino
-Dinner (spaetlze AND corn with the salad! This is, again, a good day)
-Met George Hincapie
-Received new Team USA kits and clothing (all the little people have nothing to wear as I fit into smalls. They look like they are wearing parachutes; I look good)
-Team meeting -receive start times (I go at 2:29pm), numbers, talk about schedule and things for tomorrow.
-Internet, Skype
-Loose Internet (son of a...)

Bring on tomorrow!! I'm SO excited.

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