Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Week in Pictures

This past week started with the Davide Fardelli TT outside Milan. I got Third!!
The champagne spraying ceramony. AP, Karin Thurig, Sarah Carrigen
Katheryn Curi and I then drove to France where we started a 5 day stage race in Ardeche.
Brooke Miller won the Stage 2 sprint finish!!Then we got a flat tire in the team car...

And sat around for a long time.

Chrissy Ruiter and Kat Carroll. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

A winning director needs his pre race rubs too...

While racing in France, we stayed at a four star campground in cabins. Not a bad view while eating dinner.

Day 5 brought a good luck charm; Kitty. For some reason she really liked us (not that we fed her or anything...).

Katheryn cuddled with Kitty for some extra luck.

Then Kat went solo on the last stage...70km worth of solo-ness.

And won.

Not bad for Team USA's "B" team. Two stage wins (Brooke, Kat), the sprinters jersey (Kat) and third overall (Katheryn).

Now we are back Lucca. Home sweet home away from home.

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kimberly said...

Way to go ladies!! I am newer to following women's road racing but remember you in your skiing days, Alison. I am finding that one of the things that REALLY gets my blood flowing is following Colavita on tour (well, not actually following~~just reading up on it =)....sorry, lame Iowa joking =) ).

Always looking forward to watching/reading/hearing how you and your teammates continue doing!!

Keep going strong (a lot of us are cheering you on)!!