Monday, September 24, 2007

WC Update #2

Day two of the waiting game proved to be more interesting than day one (thank goodness) and I am pretty sure day three will better today. This leads me to believe there are even more things to look forward to (yippy.)

Our super awesome mechanic, Chris, in the USA garage.
That's a lot of stuff and only half the team is here.

CHAIRS! In the USA garage!! It's a miracle. Yes, I sat and enjoyed after my ride.


-Tried to sleep in (not as successful as yesterday)

-Leisurely breakfast (how breakfast should always be) complete with a cappuccino.

-Rode the TT course with Ted, Christine's husband. The course is great! I can't wait to race it.

-Sat in a chair to take off my shoes, helmet, gloves, etc. and to drink some water. It felt like magic. We don't get chairs when racing here in Europe. People (Jim) think we will sit in them for too long. I don't know what he's talking about.

-Lunch, complete with the best sandwich ever (I'm going to eat that sandwich every single day).

-Internet, skype, waste time.

-Attempted to have a cappuccino, then learned it would cost 3 euro. WHAT? That's more than Amante. So, no go.

-Get a "rub" (aka 30 min massage on my legs)


-Dinner (again pasta) which included continuing to be entertained by our "swanie" Laura. She makes me laugh, hard, in an elementary school kind of way. I also attempted to learn who everyone is. Staff, U23 guys, and Elite Men. I think I was successful. We'll see tomorrow.

-Watch the guys pass around a banana split with dinner (they're allowed to eat that? I thought they had to be all serious and stuff).



One more "waiting game" day left...

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