Sunday, September 23, 2007

World Champs Update #1

I am board. This waiting around for the time trial is pretty boring. Instead of spending hours each day riding I am spending hours each day trying to find ways to waste time. To you this may sound a little silly. You may be thinking, “You are in Germany after all. Go see and do. Drink beer and eat bratwurst.” This would be all good if I weren’t trying to have the best race of my life on Wednesday. See and doing takes/requires energy. Beer and brats fill you up with unwanted/bad energy. Thus, I am limited to the bed, chairs and the elevator (ok, I take the stairs going down). I wish we could hurry up and race. Get it over with then go home. So, due to the boredom of waiting around for the time trial on Wednesday, I have decided to do a daily blog update of everything I do, interesting or not.

Here goes:
-Slept in
-Had a very leisurely breakfast
-Spent most of the morning in bed
-Drove the TT course (it looks great!)
-Ate the BEST sandwich I have ever had (German brown roll, egg, jam, cream cheese)
-Met Dave Zabriskie (another “real” pro)
-Surfed the Internet
-Drank a cappuccino (not bad tasting for being in Germany)
-More Internet wasting time (shouldn’t I be doing homework?)
-Dinner (pasta of course)
-Learned about time trial bikes from the current World TT Champion, Kristin Armstrong (that WAS interesting).

One down, three days to go…


Anonymous said...

keep blogging......kendra and Jacqui are reading your blog you superstar.

Anonymous said...

read a book to stay unbored.

i will send you some good luck wishes for your tt.