Wednesday, September 26, 2007

World Championships!

I have done it. After 10+ years of being a truly dedicated athlete and through two sports, I have finally reached a dream goal of mine. To race in the World Championships. I had no idea it would be in any sport other than ski racing, but today was like magic. What a cool experience. Amazing.

Except now, everything hurts. Ouch. I guess that's when you know you gave 100% of yourself to the race. I experienced a whole new level to the pain cave during my race today. The last 2km was brutal (why is it again we like to do this?).

I am so satisfied with myself and my effort in the time trial today. I could have started out a little slower, but other than that, I did well. The only thing that's rubbing me the wrong way is my 20th place. I was hoping for better, but now I have a stepping stone that can be massively improved upon.

After some of my pain and tiredness pass, I will post some pictures and more interesting info.

Team USA did pretty dang well today. Kristin was 2nd, Amber 4th and Christine 5th. Not bad at all.


Kat Carroll said...

COngrats Ali! Awesome job and super proud of you! Enjoy the off season.

kimberly said...

The University of Iowa Dept. of Radiology was watching and cheering you on via a webcast. You all did awesome~~congrats from some women in Iowa!!

Amy Dombroski said...

Congratulations - That's great you could learn so much and take so much out of one race.

Amy Dombroski said...
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Sharon said...

woohoo! what a fantastic way to finish off the season. Congrats! Have a safe trip home.